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1. Arab Engineers is Exclusive Distributor in Saudi Arabia for Serus Water Filters   2. SERUS RUSSIA is a manufacturer of self cleaning inline water filters, structured water devices and Ultraviolet lamps for home,commercial and industrial use   

Self cleaning water filter, self cleaning water filtration

Self cleaning water filter, self cleaning filtration water treatment, automatic and manual, fully stainless steel

SERUS LLC offer a unique filter system of purification of water (liquids) The self cleaning water filters are the first in the world where in one housing contains four types of cleaning: 1) Ultramarina - purification from solid and suspended particles 2) Biological, antibacterial - clean from infectious agents 3) Energy - energy-purification from all pollution, protection against external aggressive AMY and synchronization of internal and external rhythms 4) Antiparasitic – cleaning from pathogenic parasites, viruses, bacteria with special plates, lenses, normalizing the immune system. Principle of operation: Ultramarina cleaning. Our self cleaning water filters are not the usual filtration mesh, or any refill cartridge volume filter. Developed and applied a fundamentally new nano membrane filter element located in the filter housing. Nano membrane provides unsurpassed subtlety mechanical cleaning of any fluids, as the inter-turn space is 0.5 MD. Biological, antibacterial cleaning. NANO-coating technology strings (the finest special wire), activated ultra pure silver (9,999), whose thickness is 3 mm, deeply penetrates into the crystal lattice of the metal is not washed from the surface of the filter element, highlighting only what is necessary for bactericidal treatment of water with silver ions, that protects the guaranteed string passing through the membrane the water from all kinds of pathogens. Energy-cleaning. In the case of the our self cleaning water filters are located multi-polar magnetic converters of water structurer - progradient magnets, removing the accumulated "dirty" information which may remain in water even after the most careful filtering. Located between the magnets rock crystal and amber convey the water accumulated in them over millions of years, hyperfine fields, and energy, which are enhanced by magnets that are located around the crystals. This bio-magnetic system structures, "lights up" water, which according to numerous clinical trials has not only health, but also a pronounced therapeutic effect for many diseases. Life expectancy in Japan, where widely used similar methodology of recovery of water increased by 25 years. A qualitative transformation of the structure of water and some chemical elements creates the protection of water supply systems. Removes all harmful substances - chlorine, lead, copper, heavy metals, bacteria, micro-organisms, viruses, parasites, residues of drugs, antibiotics, fertilizers. This simple and reliable method gives us really pure water, which is used not only as transport water human metabolism inside the body, but also like water that can quench the "thirst" of every cell and every nucleus of our body. There is a chip-plate applied to the outer filter housing. These chips are in resonance generators with special magnetic fields that are inside of the filter element. - Normalizes the human immune system. - Normalizes bioritmy of the brain, Central nervous system, improves cerebral blood circulation and a number of endocrine organs. - Provides a gradual oppression and death in the human viruses, pathogenic bacteria. - Contributes to the normalization of intestinal microflora. - Protects people from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and man-made "smog". Improves mood, endurance and adaptability of people to adverse environmental factors

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