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Advantages and benefits of self cleaning inline water filter systems

Self cleaning inline water filter and what is it for? What are the benefits of self cleaning main inline water filter of mechanical cleaning?

What is a self cleaning inline water filter and what is it for? 

People who are looking for options of water filters often ask themselves. What is a main inline water filter? The main water filter is a filter device that is mounted directly into the water supply and is used to produce purified cold or hot water. The main filter can be equipped with replaceable filter elements of different types. Today we will talk and mechanical main inline water filters. They are used for domestic, commercial and Industrial needs. For example to protect heaters in the house and plumbing from harmful impurities in the water. 

What characteristics have the self cleaning main inline water filters of mechanical cleaning? 

The main characteristics of mechanical water purification filters are the size of the holes through which water from mechanical impurities is filtered and its capacity with a minimum hydraulic resistance (filter capacity). For our self cleaning inline water filters the capacity ranges from 1 cubic meter per hour to 300 cubic meters per hour. Depending on the selectivity of filter chosen, as per our line of water filters where there is not needed to change the filter cartridge and are capable of filtering mechanical impurities to 1 micron, which makes it possible to use these filters as a replacement for both mechanical mesh filters and cartridge type filters. Our line of water filters are made out of only non corrosion metal components in which replaceable filter elements (bags) of a given selectivity, made of polypropylene, nylon filaments or other fibrous synthetic materials, are not necessary. 

Why do you need self-cleaning main inline water filters? 

Self-washing filters provide coarse and fine water purification from mechanical impurities and protect against pressure drops in the network. By the method of washing the filters can be divided into filters with direct-flow and backwashing. 

How do direct flow filters work? 

The principle of operation of these filters is similar to the operation of cartridge filters: when filtering, all mechanical impurities are retained by the filter element (mesh), and the water purified from mechanical impurities comes to the consumer. But there is a significant difference - the “cartridge” does not change, but is washed with untreated water. With proper operation of the wash filter and taking into account the characteristics of filtered water, the filter screen is usually enough for 1-2 years. 

Direct-flush filters have a drain in the bottom that opens with a ball valve. A drainage fitting is installed in the tap, to which a flexible hose or a plastic pipe is supplied. When the filter is washed, the ball valve of the drainage opening opens and the water washes away the mechanical impurities on the grid. In order to increase the life of the grid, it is recommended periodically (after 5-6 washes) to disassemble the filter and flush the grid and flask with a brush to remove any contaminants that were trapped in the holes of the grid and that did not wash out the flow of water. 

How do backwash filters work? 

Backwash technology allows you to consistently provide the consumer with purified water, even at the time of washing the screen filter. The backwash filter screen consists of a main bottom and an additional upper section. In the filtering mode, the upper section is in the closed state, and the water passes through the large lower section in the direction from outside to inside.  When the ball valve is opened, the filter backwash mode is activated, in which the entire mesh element goes down. In this position, the water supply stops, and it passes through the small upper section, where, after cleaning, the water flow is divided into two flows: one to the consumer, the other to carry out the backwash. 

The flow for backwashing spins the turbine and, after passing through it with acceleration, cleans the bottom section of the strainer from the inside to the outside. Thus, the main lower section under the inlet pressure is completely cleaned over the entire surface of the grid. After closing the ball valve, the wash filter automatically returns to filtration mode. What are self-cleaning filters? Self-cleaning filters can be called fully automatic, self-cleaning and operating only at the expense of water pressure. Due to this, there is no need to remove the filter element for manual cleaning. In the backwash cycle, the main stream will not be interrupted. 

The main characteristics and advantages of these filters: Automatic flushing only due to water pressure. Cleaning grids with a large filtration area. Continuous flow during backwash.