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1. Arab Engineers is Exclusive Distributor in Saudi Arabia for Serus Water Filters   2. SERUS RUSSIA is a manufacturer of self cleaning inline water filters, structured water devices and Ultraviolet lamps for home,commercial and industrial use   



Our water desalination installation is designed to produce a centrifugal desalination plant to ensure saturation of the water market and provide the population with quality water.The scarcity of fresh water already now becomes a world problem. And in Russia for many of its regions providing the population with quality drinking water in sufficient quantity is one of the main problems affecting the social situation. The problem of drinking water supply grows from the sectoral or national to the international one and can be successfully solved only at the federal level. Although water occupies 70% of the world’s surface, only 3% of the total water is fresh water, the share of readily available fresh water is only 2%.Only 1% of the world’s landmass is occupied by freshwater ecosystems. Lack of fresh water will be felt indefinitely, as the technology of obtaining drinking water from the sea (desalination) is very expensive and energy-intensive. It should be noted that most of them are also environmentally hazardous and require alienation of land. Half of all seawater desalination plants are located in the Persian Gulf region, which do not suffer from deficiencies in fuel. At the moment, desalinated water is only about 0.2% of global water consumption.